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Get Professional and Clean Results with Our Expert Carpet Cleaning Services in Arnold, MD

Trust the Superior Results of Our Professional Carpet Cleaners in Arnold, MD

Discover the unmatched carpet cleaning services offered by Chem-Dry of Annapolis in Arnold, MD. Our advanced technology effectively tackles dirt and stains while preserving the integrity of your carpets, resulting in a deeper and longer-lasting clean. Unlike other cleaners, our innovative process requires minimal water, allowing your carpets to dry in just 1-2 hours instead of days. No more dealing with damp and musty carpets! Rest assured, our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe for your loved ones and the environment. Choose the best carpet cleaning option in Arnold, MD with Chem-Dry of Annapolis.

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Carbonated Carpet Cleaning in Arnold, MD

Get the ultimate carpet cleaning experience with our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process. Unlike other cleaners in the area, our method ensures a drier, cleaner, and healthier result.

Forget about mess and waiting time with our Low-Water Formula for Quick Drying in Arnold, MD. Chem-Dry introduces a groundbreaking cleaning approach that uses 80% less water. This means you can get back to your daily activities in no time.

Introducing the ultimate solution for cleaner carpets in Arnold, MD. Our exclusive bubbling technique, powered by carbonated bubbles in our HCE method, penetrates deep into the carpet fibers to unearth hidden dirt and grime. Experience the difference with our revolutionary extraction system that effectively removes dirt and grime, leaving zero residue. Trust in our process for long-lasting, pristine carpets that stay cleaner for longer.

Green-Certified Carpet Cleaning

Are you concerned about using harsh cleaning solutions that could harm your family and pets? Look no further than Chem-Dry of Annapolis. Our all-natural and green-certified cleaning solutions guarantee a safe and healthy environment for everyone. What’s more, our low-water carpet cleaning method significantly minimizes the chances of mold and mildew growth, a common issue with steam cleaning. Trust us for a thorough and safe cleaning experience.

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Benefits of Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning in Arnold, MD


Get back to normal quicker with our low-water carbonated cleaning method in Arnold, MD. Our carpet cleaning process subdues the amount of water needed compared to other cleaners, meaning your carpets won’t take days to dry and you won’t need to tiptoe around them either. With just 1-2 hours of drying time, you can get back to your normal routine much quicker – plus less risk of mold and mildew growth from excess moisture too.


Carbonation and powerful extraction equipment allow us to give your carpets a deeper, more thorough cleaning. Plus, since we don’t use any harsh soaps or chemicals that leave behind dirt-attracting residues, your carpet will stay cleaner for longer. 


We care about the health and well-being of your family, pets, and the environment, that’s why we use green-certified and non-toxic cleaning solutions. Harsh and dangerous chemicals don’t have any place around your family and pets. Plus, green-certified cleaning solutions are safer and better for the environment.

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