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5 Reasons To Make Area Rug Cleaning a Priority

Feb 4, 2022 | Area Rug Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning

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It can be a difficult task to find an area rug that matches your style and fits within your budget. That’s why once you find one, it’s important to properly maintain it. Everyday traffic can quickly cause unwanted wear and tear.

Take a look at the following benefits of professional area rug cleaning.


#1 – Area rug cleaning saves you money

Area rugs are often an expensive investment, Taking care of the rug you have will save you money down the road on replacement rug costs. Routine area rug cleaning will eliminate dirt that can matte down and wear out the rug fibers.


#2 – Area rugs protect your floors

In addition to adding style and personality to your home, area rugs can also protect your flooring. By placing area rugs in high-traffic areas you’ll add years of life to the carpet and hardwood floor beneath. 

Besides adding style and texture to your home, area rugs also help protect your flooring beneath. By preserving the area rugs you’ve strategically placed in high traffic areas, you’ll also help add years to the life of your carpet and hardwood floors. 


#3 Chem-Dry area rug cleaning removes allergens and bacteria 

Area rugs act as giant air filters for your home. They trap dirt, dust, and allergens which keeps those unwanted contaminants out of the air you breathe. After a while, without routine area rug cleanings, your rugs become too full and start to release those dangerous particles back into the air.

Chem-Dry’s area rug cleaning services in Severna Park removes allergens from your rugs–making your home a cleaner, healthier place.


#4 – Professional area rug cleaning is convenient 

We understand how busy you are so adding one more thing to your to-do list can seem daunting. Luckily, professional area rug cleaning saves you the time and effort you would need to do it yourself. Plus, our area rug cleaning method uses 80% less water than other carpet cleaning methods so your rugs will dry in a fraction of the time. No more tiptoeing across soggy area rugs.


#5 – Area rug cleaning is budget-friendly

At Chem-Dry of Annapolis, we believe quality area rug cleaning shouldn’t cost a fortune. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the price and the results of our area rug cleaning services in Severna Park, MD.

Schedule a free price estimate for area rug cleaning in Severna Park today!


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